How-To Convert from “Renter” to “Homeowner”

Rent today; Buy tomorrow. ???????????????????????????????How to convert from Tenant to Homeowner.

When I rented my first apartment in Astoria, I did not want to be a Tenant my whole life and pay my Landlord’s mortgage. I longed to become a Homeowner.

That’s why I found my way into the mortgage business in 1989 and soon afterward became a Homeowner. Here are the fundamentals any Tenant should know to prepare to become a Homeowner in the future, no matter when that might be.

Credit: Establish 3 credit accounts, no more than 5. Pay your bills on time. Keep your balances to no more than 50% of your credit limit. Don’t pay off the accounts in full. Keep balances active for 12-24 months. All of the above will provide both a good credit score and adequate credit history to qualify for a mortgage loan.

Assets: A basic savings budget isn’t hard to accomplish. Pay your rent first in your budget; then set aside 10% of your income before taxes . Make it a budget priority and you’ll still have money left over for entertainment and restaurants and clothing.

How much money do you need to buy a home? Many buyers spend no more than $25,000 to buy their first homes. There are loan programs with low down payment requirements and many real estate agents negotiate for their Buyers a “Seller’s concession” to include the Buyer’s closing costs (which are HIGH here in New York!) in the price of the home.

Imani got the keys to her new home with a VA Loan


Income: Two years consistent income is the basic requirement for either a salaried individual or a self-employed person. Income from Bonus, Commission, and Overtime is treated differently and is best discussed with your Mortgage Banker.

Market Survey: it doesn’t hurt to go out and get to know neighborhoods where you might like to buy a home. Visit open houses on Saturdays and Sundays. It’s okay that you’re not yet buying; tell the Realtor at the Open House you’re just beginning your “survey.” You’ll also get to know market prices for different kinds of homes. It’s okay to “window shop” homes on the weekend at Open Houses!

I hope these fundamentals will help you better understand the path to homeownership is a process that, with preparation and dedication, you can move through easily.

George S. converted from Renter to Homeowner!
George S. converted from Renter to Homeowner!

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Weekend House Hunting

Spend a few minutes with your Saturday morning coffee and preparing to visit Open Houses, FSBO’s and real estate offices.

I know it’s cold outside, but the weather this weekend is shaping up to be incredibly mild in comparison to our very nasty winter so far, you might even say this weekend will be “Spring-like!”

Thus a good weekend to get out there House Hunting!

Here then some links to previous posts First Time Buyers need before hitting the streets looking for a home. Spend a few minutes with your Saturday morning coffee and preparing to visit Open Houses, FSBO’s and real estate offices.

Buying a home is not about “investing!” It’s about owning a piece of the rock and those intangible benefits of homeownership!

Learn from others’ mistakes: BUY A HOME YOU CAN AFFORD! All those crazy people buying houses during the “BOOM” over-stretched their housing budgets. Know what you can afford and Use A Blanket That’s Big Enough!

I learned early in my career as a Mortgage Banker: It’s All About The Monthly Payment.

Okay, now that you are ready to hit the pavement shopping for a home, you’ll need some insight so you can get the house you want at the price you’re willing to pay:

How do you guess what the house is worth? Use your Personal Market Value “Divining Rod!”

Don’t be put off by the List Prices! EVERYTHING is negotiable! Asking Prices Don’t Matter To Realistic Buyers. (That would be YOU!!!)

Let’s say you have an awesome weekend and lo and behold you find a great house in a great location at a price reasonably close to what you’re willing to pay! WOW! Now it’s time to hunker down and negotiate. Cast aside your fear of rejection through preparedness. Prepared Buyers WIN negotiations by showing a Seller how serious they are!!! Follow these FIVE Steps to Get YOUR HOME THIS WEEKEND!
Five Steps To Making An Offer To Buy A Home

Good luck, enjoy the weather, have fun and Happy House Hunting!