How I Bought My First Home – Part 4

How I bought my first home in 30 minutes.

I’m not kidding!  It sounds NUTS, doesn’t it?  But you can do the same.

I walked in to a FSBO—for sale by owner—toured the house for about 7 minutes and announced to the owner, “I’d like to make you an Offer.  Can we sit down in your dining room and discuss it?”

The poor guy nearly fell over with a heart attack.  He ran into the kitchen and called his wife up from the family room downstairs, “Honey, come upstairs, this young couple wants to buy our house!”

We sat down and I cut right to it: “I love your house and I really like this neighborhood, I’d like to buy it for $190,000.”

The man laughed, shook his head and told me I wasn’t even close.  Within a minute or so I wrangled his “bottom line” price of $268,000 out of him.  I exited the house with a “Nice to meet you and Good Luck!” within another minute or so.

I bought the house six weeks later for $210,000.  I came up a little and he came down a LOT.  Altogether my negotiating “real time” was 30 minutes.  What I’m telling you is this: it’s not complicated buying a home as long as you PREPARE and you are HONEST with yourself.

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