The Trevor Method

The Trevor Method, affectionately designated by a happy client now living in her dream home, and named after Yours Truly, has been developed over the past 28 years in two ways.  First and foremost, it’s exactly how I purchased my first home and my second home where I currently live.  I practice what I preach!

Secondly, these are my observations of the process and the assistance to First Time Buyers throughout my career.  With hundreds and hundreds (and hundreds) of purchase transactions, I’ve developed an understanding of what works for homebuyers, and what doesn’t. When someone doesn’t listen to me, the statistics fall into the latter bucket of “what doesn’t”. Let’s keep you in the “what works” bucket so we can get you into your new next home.

I have a propensity to narrow complicated issues down to their simplest essence.  I do that with the homebuying experience in the form of the advice I give with The Trevor Method.  Let me exercise my Method for you and bring it down to an even more essential form:

Please listen to my advice when working with you, otherwise we will kick tires, spin wheels, waste time, be frustrated and delay getting you into your home.

The FOUR things are both simple and difficult. If you do these FOUR things, I guarantee that you will be spectacularly successful with your goal of finding a home you love at a price and monthly payment you can afford.

I observed over the past 3 years, since implementing “The Trevor Method” as the primary way of conducting my mortgage business, that the people who did these FOUR things were successful.  The people who ignored or didn’t follow exactly these FOUR steps, well, they still haven’t purchased a home: they’re still out shopping!

The Trevor Method: I ask you to do these FOUR Things:

  1. WISH LIST. Make it. Write it down. Carry it with you. Read it when you’re in a home you like. Prioritize the items on the WISH LIST while you’re standing in the kitchen of that home.  Decide if the home comes “close enough” to your Dream Home.
  2. MAKE OFFERS.  Make no mistake, you MUST MAKE OFFERS.  And make Offers the same day you see a home, not two days later.
  3. GET OUT THERE, BOOTS ON THE GROUND. There is NO substitute for viewing homes in person. You have to get out there and physically look at the homes, not on the internet.  You have to do this A LOT.  OFTEN.  FREQUENTLY. Until you feel you’re exhausted and you simply can’t look at another home!!!  (I looked at over 150 homes the first time; over 30 the second)
  4. FOLLOW MY TREVOR METHOD ADVICE. I’ve designed my Method to walk you carefully, step-by-step, to your goal of owning a home.  Those folks who were spectacularly successful listened to and followed my advice.  Those folks still shopping?  They pick and choose on their own which advice to heed, which to ignore.

I have no other objective but to help you buy your first home with no drama, with clear and concise information, and with optimism. I’m completely on YOUR SIDE.  Please do these FOUR things: I guarantee you will be successful if you do!

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