Baby It’s COLD Outside: Rent Vs. Own

The Arctic Blast has hit New York; temperatures outside hover around 9 Degrees.  It’s days like these that give rise to the common complaint, “My Landlord doesn’t provide enough heat.”  If you’re one of the people who doesn’t have that complaint, bully for you!  But if you’d like better control over the temperature of your residence the best way to do it is to own a home.

Then, when you’ve turned the Thermostat down to 68 Degrees you have only yourself to blame!

Better yet, maybe you want to go “all the way” with your comfort inside your home.  Radiant Heating, Central Heating/Air Conditioning, High Quality Insulated windows and energy-efficient insulation are some of the choices you have to make your home as comfortable as you want it.  Yes, these things cost money, but you’ll have your financial benefits of homeownership to help you pay for it.  Better yet, since you’ve taken out a mortgage with a monthly payment you can afford, you can budget to save for any or all of these improvements.

Then on a COLD day like today, you can live comfortably and never have a complaint about your Landlord.

I’m just sayin’…

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