The Truth: Visit My “Useful Links” Page For Accurate Internet Resources

Visit my Useful Links page for The Truth, whether it be about credit, property taxes and values, or various and other sundry information related to the Homeownership experience.

The Truth: you will find on my Useful Links page the best internet resources for accurate and truthful information for those questions that come up when you own or buy a home.

If you’ve been a visitor here to before,reading my many blogging posts and rants, then you know I’m a stickler for getting the right answer before I open my mouth. In fact, I think back to my first “cold call” on a real estate office in 1989. I said to the Broker, “If you have a question and I don’t know the answer, I won’t shoot from the hip, I’ll find the right answer for you by the next day, the latest.” That cold call conversation led to a referral to my very first loan application in the mortgage business within fifteen minutes of that bold statement. I adhere to that same credo today: I investigate thoroughly to determine the correct answer to a question asked by a client so that I can provide The Truth.

When I built 5 years ago (with the help of web designer extraordinaire Gary from!), I made sure to provide links to websites that I felt provided the correct answers to the most common questions asked by my clients.

For example, the myth of “too many credit inquiries” frequently leads my clients to the link to and the Education page there to discover the truth about the oft-quoted lie voiced by mortgage professionals, “Don’t let anyone else run your credit because that will lower your credit score.” What clients who are shopping for a mortgage hear in that sentence is a caution that shopping around will be personally detrimental to your credit report. What I hear in that sentence is a a lie, proved so on the website where Fair Isaac clearly states that shopping for a mortgage does not affect your credit score in a negative way, in fact the system ignores the inquiry, assuming your are shopping around for the best mortgage.

I also hear in that lie from those other mortgage professionals the following statement, which, IMHO, is The Truth of the remark, “Don’t talk to other mortgage professionals who may be more experienced and more ethical than I am!”

Before putting up all those links on my Useful Links page I spent considerable time searching the web for the most trustworthy and accurate sites. A good example of that searching resulted in the link I’ve provided to Consumer-Action, the absolute best website for all things credit-related. I meet many folks who have serious credit problems and Consumer-Action provides a wide array of important tools to help consumers find the best solutions to those credit problems. Whether they are looking to create a credit profile from scratch or whether they are looking to re-establish credit after a debilitating personal financial crisis, or if they are just looking for the best deals on credit card rates/fees, all that information is presented in a concise, accurate and simple form on the Consumer-Action site.

The Truth about Free Credit Reports is on the Useful Links page, too: consumers are permitted under Federal Regulations to obtain a copy of their credit reports directly from each of the three credit bureaus once a year, Free of charge. The purpose of this regulation is to allow consumers the opportunity to correct errors in their reports. I’ve posted a link about that Hot Topic, too: credit repair scams with The Truth provided courtesy of Uncle Sam and the Federal Trade Commission.

Here in the New York Metro region, homebuyers who want the inside information on any given property can find it using New York City’s ACRIS System. The City of New York has compiled an online repository of accurate information regarding Deeds, Certificates of Occupancy and Property Taxes. Often a Multiple Listing will indicate the property taxes for a given property. There is a disclaimer on each MLS form that the information is provided by the homeowner/Seller and is not warranted to be accurate. Thanks to ACRIS, homebuyers in New York City can find the actual property taxes for that property—which often are considerably higher than those figures quoted on the MLS Listing form!

Visit my Useful Links page for The Truth, whether it be about credit, property taxes and values, or various and other sundry information related to the Homeownership experience.

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