Aug 142007

There is long-standing folklore about those interesting people who walk around with a divining rod searching for water and the best place to dig for a well. Those folks call themselves “dowsers.”

“Dowsing is as strictly defined the claimed ability to discover underground sources of water or metals by means of a ‘dowsing rod.’ Another term used is ‘divining.'”

While that may be myth, there’s something to be said for developing your own ability as a “dowser” when shopping for a home. Especially in these crazy times when Sellers stand firm on prices from 2005 and refuse to price the house to sell. The fact is, without Buyers driving the market prices down, those prices won’t change on their own. And there are not many Buyers walking the streets these days.

If you have decided that you must own a home now—regardless of market craziness—then you’re obviously going to be out there on the streets looking for a home to buy.

With reluctant Sellers and a dearth of Buyers, what’s a person to do?

I say, “DOWSE!” (is that actually a verb?)

Your “divining rod” as it were, is your own personal market value indicator. You create this divining rod by researching property values in your chosen neighborhood.

1. Research the values using internet tools. The ‘net resources available for this are many and varied:,,, and are good starters. But the internet is not the be all and end all for information about the home you wish to buy. Don’t fall into the trap of relying solely on the ‘net for your research.

2. Get out there and look at [tag]houses[/tag]. There is no substitute for visiting houses in person. Whether you do this on appointments with [tag]Realtors[/tag] or just by visiting open houses on the weekends (I recommend BOTH methods), you must undertake this important facet of your research for a home.

When you are looking at lots of homes—both online and in person—you will soon develop your “divining rod” and you’ll be a home-buying-dowser!

You will get a sense of the features of different homes at different price points.

You will learn the quirks of the people selling homes and how it is possible for someone to have a ridiculous expectation of what their home is worth.

You will get to see yourself more clearly—in your mind’s eye—in the [tag]home of your dreams[/tag].

Most of all, you will develop a personal perspective on prices and thus market value in your desired neighborhood.

With that experience, you will be a better negotiator on price. Because you will have developed a “gut instinct” (or divining rod!), you can better set a maximum price you’re willing to pay for any given home. You can see past ugly wallpaper and ancient carpeting; you can better understand when a Seller is being completely unreasonable.

Get ready to go out there as a “dowser” to learn about homes in your chosen neighborhood. You will determine market value better than any Realtor or appraiser or homeowner because you will have been comparing homes, compiling features versus price, and meeting Sellers.

Dowse away!
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