Aug 042007

Is there a “best” time of year to buy a home?

Is there a time of year when Sellers are more willing to negotiate because they are more desperate?

When is that time? When?

If you trust your fundamentals, if you know that buying a home is the right thing to do for your own personal reasons, then YOU make the time. YOU determine the “when.”

Maybe it’s because I teach my clients how to negotiate like piranhas.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been looking at (and dreaming of) real estate since I was in my twenties living in an apartment in Astoria.

Maybe it’s because of my eighteen years in the mortgage business working all year ’round through all kinds of markets.

Whatever my reasons, I will say to you this: YOU make the time because YOU get out there and find, force and MAKE the deal that you’re happy with.

The “when” is not based on the market; rather YOU determine the when by shopping and finding and making your deal.

I believe in negotiating hard and tough and forcing a price. I believe in getting up and walking away from the table.

I believe the “dream house” exists in our minds, therefore you can never truly “fall in love” with a house.

I believe you, as a Buyer, truly control your own destiny and I believed that even when the market was overheated and Sellers were insane. (In my long experience, Sellers are ALWAYS insane! You just have to search until you find one who’s willing to be a bit more reasonable than the rest!)

Maybe it’s because I believe it’s all up to YOU.

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