The most important question

You must work with an experienced Realtor. That’s all there is to it.

I know that I say it elsewhere on my site, but I want to say it again. Gosh darn it. Listen, you must work with an experienced Realtor. That’s all there is to it.

Put some value on your time.

Do you want to waste your valuable time working with someone who doesn’t know the way around the marketplace?


Put some value on your desire to own a home: it’s the single largest financial decision of your life!!!!

Would you entrust that to a person who knows not the vagaries of the marketplace?


Put some value on your emotional cargo: YOUR DREAM.

Place that dream in the hands of a person who only began working in real estate three months ago (just because everyone else is doing it)?????


I have said this, too. So, I’ll say it again.

First question an experienced professional Realtor will ask you is, “Have you been prequalified for a mortgage?”

If that is not the first question, then hang up the phone. Period. (Now don’t split hairs, maybe not the first, but you know what I mean, in the opening stages of the conversation!)

There are plenty of experienced Realtors out there. Go find one. You’ll know you have when she asks you the question.

How To Find A Realtor

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